Thank you!

I just needed to reach out and let you know that you are amazing!! You helped me adjust my values for career…and they have been accomplished and I feel totally free! I’ve gone through SO much since we met, and my life, my purpose, and my goals are finally inspiring me again. Keep coaching-you are great at it and I appreciate you every day!”

Liana Goffman
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Her support was just the help I needed!

Tsgoyna is someone you really want in your corner. She is compassionate, enthusiastic and skillful. With her help I learned how to release limiting beliefs and reframe situations which instantly eased my anxieties. To maintain my improved state of mind she encouraged me to practice self-care through meditation which is still proving to be beneficial. I appreciated Tsgoyna’s insights and candor.

M. M.
Santa Cruz, CA

I am grateful that I have her as a most valuable resource and teacher.

Depending on my schedule – it is not unreasonable to find both my mother’s walker and my grandson’s collapsible stroller in my trunk at the same time. I am the definition of the sandwich generation and sometimes things can get overwhelming. I have entered unfamiliar territory and once in a while I need an informed voice to help me find my way.

Tsgoyna Tanzman has been just that resource for me. In recent years I have faced my elderly parent’s recovery from difficult surgeries, my daughter’s loss of premature twins and even just the expected challenges that come with age. Tsgoyna has offered me an intelligent, sensitive and instructive map that helps shine a light on the best practices, if you will, for meeting the challenges of this next stage of my life. This is not therapy in the conventional sense. This is broader and bigger than that. Tsgoyna has an uncanny knack for opening the curtains on the widest view of my life, pointing out the possibilities and giving me the guidance and support that I need to make my own way.

I have had more “light bulb” moments while in the middle of a conversation with Tsgoyna than I care to confess. We have laughed together at the obvious directions that I have missed and would have never found without her good counsel. And maybe most importantly, Tsgoyna is generous, nonjudgmental and endlessly kind.

Susan K.
Dayton, OH

Thanks to the work we did together, I have a profoundly different outlook on my life and see my next chapter as quite exciting!

In my late 40’s and recognizing that my life was in significant transition, I was soulfully questioning my life’s purpose.  From the get-go, I was amazed at how Tsgoyna seemed to ask just the right questions that allowed me to articulate what I was thinking and feeling.  In the most supportive and encouraging way, she guided me though some thought, heart and energy exercises, then followed up with written activities to help me dig even deeper and gain critical insights.

With her gifts, intuitive understanding and expertise, Tsgoyna is committed to helping women in transition, no matter what stage of life they are in and for that I am eternally grateful.

Dyana G. 
El Segundo, CA

As a result of working with Tsgoyna, we’ve become independent again!

Before working with Tsgoyna we were overwhelmed, scared, confused and frankly at a loss for even knowing where to begin or what questions to ask during the catastrophic health crisis my husband suffered. During our work with her, she lead us to grow confident in our own communication skills, get clear about knowing how to ask questions and how to follow-up.

We learned so many strategies for managing our fears and stress and ways to prepare for events that gave us the confidence and certainty we could anticipate and or solve problems as they arose. As a result of working with Tsgoyna, we’ve become independent again, my husband returned to work (something that seemed impossible), we are celebrating family events and normalcy is returning to our lives.

Lisa L.
Torrance, CA

I am really impressed by Tsgoyna.

I came to Tsgoyna at a very low point. I had worked with other “Life Coaches” before and found them flakey, unorganized, unimpressive credentials and no plan for progress. I was impressed right away with Tsgoyna’s education and experience and she had a plan designed to fit my needs.

Tsgoyna helped me reach my goal in a short period of time, wither her soothing, nonjudgmental aura. She helped to organize my thoughts so we could pinpoint the work that was needed.  I would use her again if needed and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Debbie L.
Cooper City, FL

I now know where I want to be and how to get there.

“Everybody needs a little help now and then! I felt a bit "stuck" in life and very overwhelmed by all the challenges and responsibilities of being a single mom. I was wanting to move forward with my life, but somehow felt stagnant.

That is when I began to work with Tsgoyna.

She allowed me see my life from a different perspective. We looked at my life broadly, and then honed in on some specific goals and areas that needed addressing. Tsgoyna was the perfect blend of sounding board and cheerleader, as we laughed and cried together. She allowed me to see some imbalances, and with great wit and humor, wisdom and insight, she encouraged, gently nudged, and held me become accountable to moving forward with greater clarity about what I value most in life.

With her forward-thinking, future-oriented questions we were able to chart a course not only for my future, but for today. With her help I now experience life with greater fulfillment, optimism and hope! ”

Lindsey Layton, Wellness Coach

Everything is smooth, as I persevere with success.

I want to thank you again for our session. I’m experiencing a definite shift.  I feel like I’m empowered, and can do all that I wish to do; especially those things I’m working on.  It’s as though it’s all over and in the past – no longer a problem.

Chris R.
Los Gatos, CA

It was an amazing journey and I looked forward to our sessions every week.

“I had worked with a life coach a few months before I was introduced to Tsgoyna and I have to say it was a disappointing experience.  So I was a bit skeptical about the whole coaching idea. Working with Tsgoyna was a totally different experience.  I discovered fears and limiting beliefs I had been carrying around and was not even aware of.  Once you uncover these unconscious beliefs you can start changing them.

Tsgoyna was encouraging, focused and generous. I now have tools that I can use to help me stay on a path of fulfillment and joy. “

H. M.
Artist , Manhattan Beach, CA